Application Development

Requirement of computerized services from an organization in the current information age is constantly growing. When an Organization starts looking for Computer Service providers who can build or maintain applications to meet their business needs, should check for the Service provider’s enthusiasm to help them and the level of trust they have on the market. Our application development inc, is one such company, which has tremendous repute and trust among several other Organizations. Our commitment to the promise we make and the friendly association we have with our clients is the main reason for our success.

We provide quality assured applications by following strict coding standards, successful development lifecycle models and best design practices. Our service is highly customizable based on precise client needs. We revise our approach in designing the application specific to your unique business needs. Our expert software engineers have experience in both legacy systems and emerging software technologies, which makes more adaptable for your needs. Our primary goal is to develop such applications which will help you harvest your investment in the right product and reap the boosted benefits with increase business value.

Our innovative team which works on finding out the best solution for your business needs engages with client personally to find and bring out the functionalities needed for the product. Based on the client’s dynamic business need and the budget, they draw out the technology to be involved, period of development and maintenance requirement. This client specific approach has given is the ability and experience to understand the unique needs of the Organizations and the best-suited application for the service to be provided. With the advanced goal-driven process we transform the service provided by the client into technically superior, user-friendly service. This makes us affordable for those who wish to bring their services online and those who wish to enhance their already existing services. Our services can be used as follows

  • Designing or developing new applications
  • Maintaining the existing applications
  • Improving the existing applications
  • Integrating already existing applications
  • Providing technical support for the existing applications
  • Fixing existing bugs in applications
  • Documentation Process
  • Root-cause analysis of bugs
  • QA Services and Testing services

Application Development technologies

Application Development Inc. has experience in developing software on various technologies, which include

  • Dot Net Applications
  • Java Applications
  • Android Application
  • Windows Phone Application
  • Mobile application development services
  • Desktop application development services

Employees of ‘‘Application development technologies Inc.’’ are also skillfully trained by the experts of new technologies. It allows the Organizations which engage with us to have cutting edge applications work for them. We also concentrate on the basic outlines when developing the product, which is as follows: Product should be easy to use, it should meet the business demands and it should be appealing.

Business Values

With our excellent service, our clients have experienced the following benefits:


  • Increase in their productivity with our eminent products.
  • Knowledge management process inspired from our own, which provides independent service continuity.
  • Content work experience with our client-friendly delivery team.
  • Quality assured product through our efficient design review method and testing methodologies.